M/s. Priyam food products

TBI No:364

TBI No:365

M/s.KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology

TBI No:362

M/s. Mayura creations

TBI No:363


M/s.Mighty Exports

Venture: Herbal Tea products

TBI No:360

M/s.Global Nature Foundation

TBI No:361

Mrs. Miruthula.AJ

TBI No:358


M/s. Sri Gokulam Oils

Venture: Manufacturing of Cold Press oils

TBI No:359


M/s. Ecospots Biologial India Pvt Ltd

Venture: Manufacturing of Biocontrol agents

TBI No:356


Product: Handicrafts using Coconut Shells

TBI No:357


M/s.Chella Associates

TBI No:354

Mrs.Sumathi Narayanan

M/s.Khethistan Online services Pvt Ltd

Venture: Value added food products

TBI No:355


M/s.Sri Mahalakshmi Dairy pvt Ltd

TBI No:352

Saranya P R

M/S.Prime tech bio science

Product: Moringa Value added Products

TBI No:353


TBI No:350


TBI No:351


TBI No:348


TBI No:349


TBI No:346


TBI No:347



TBI No:344


TBI No:345

Mr.Adharsh Thalappotta

Product: Snacks Foods Manufacturing

TBI No:342

Mr.Vikram Manoharan

Product: Hydroponics, Aerophonics, Aquaculture

TBI No:343

Mr.Anand Immanel Raj.V

M/s. KCI Associates

TBI No:340

Mr.V.Senthil Kumar

M/s. Sathyam Bio

Product: Agriculture Organic Manure

TBI No:341


M/s.BG Enterprises (BGENT)

TBI No:338

S.B.Senthil Kumar

M/s.Bhairav Renderers

TBI No:339


M/s.Bloom E-Agri Enterprises

TBI No:336

Mr.C.V.Navaneetha Krishnan

TBI No:337

Mr.K.M.Vasanth Kumar

M/s.Gravity Pest Solutions

TBI No:334


M/s.Leo Carbons

TBI No:335


TBI No:332

Mr.M.Suresh Kumar

TBI No:333


TBI No:330


M/s.LIBAKA Renewables Pvt.Ltd

TBI No:331


TBI No:328


TBI No:329

Mr.D.Senthil Kumar

M/s. RDM Associates

TBI No:326


TBI No:327

Mr.K.Gokula Kannan

TBI No:324


TBI No:325


TBI No:322


TBI No:323


TBI No:320



TBI No:321


TBI No:318

Mr.S.Ragul Vengat

TBI No:319


TBI No:316


TBI No:317

Ms.P.Padma priya

TBI No:314


TBI No:315

Ms.M.R.G.Sangeetha Devanand

TBI No:312

Ms.S.Kural selvi

TBI No:313

Mr.Ambareesh Ramakrishnan

M/s.ANTPOD Designs Pvt.Ltd

TBI No:310



TBI No:311


M/s. AIRA Food products

Product: Sugarcane Juice Bottling Technology

TBI No:308


M/s.Crop Bio Sciences


TBI No:309



TBI No:306

Mr.Ramesh Boominathan


TBI No:307


Natural Perfume

TBI No:304

Mr.Suresh Kumar.k


TBI No:305


Product: Automation of roof gardening

TBI No:302


Product: Automation in Tissue Culture

TBI No:303


Product: Agri Loans

TBI No:300


TBI No:301


Product: Herboliv+

TBI No:298

Mr.Manikanda Kalidas

Product: Honey Production

TBI No:299


Product: IPR Services (Trade Mark, Copyright)

TBI No:296


Product: Value added products

TBI No:297


Product: Trading of Agri based Products

TBI No:294

Mrs.Sudha ChandraSekaran

Product: Value added products

TBI No:295

Mr.Nikhil Sunny

Product: Nano Technology based fruit storage

TBI No:292


TBI No:293

Mr.G.Sriram Prasad

M/s. Keerai Kadai Ventures Pvt Ltd

Product: Manufacturing of Moringa Dip, 120+ Natural Greens

TBI No:290


Product: Plant based Mosquito repellent

TBI No:291


M/s. P.V.R.Foods

Product: Millet based value addition

TBI No:288

Mr. T. Vigneshwaran

M/s. Nandha Info Tech

Product: IOT in agriculture

TBI No:289

Ms. Rubika.J

Product: Food Processing

TBI No:286

Mr.D.Salai Sivaprakasam

M/s.AG Novalc Pvt Ltd

Product: Water Solible Multinutrient Extract

TBI No:287


M/s.Sri Gauvyum A2 AgroBio Pvt.Ltd

Product: Milk Products(A2 Curd)

TBI No:284

Dr. S. Krupakar Murali

M/s. Multiversal Industries Pvt Ltd

Product: Field Trails of Liquid Nutrient substitute (LiNS)

TBI No:285

Dr. V. Anusheela

M/s. Herobomill Nutrolites

Product: Ready to cook mix ( LOW GI Herbal Incorporated)

TBI No:282

Mr. G. Gopalakrishnan

M/s.Jothi Herbal Health Care Center

Product: Eco-drain / Bio seed roll

TBI No:283

Ms. R.N.Janabharathi

M/s.JS Foods

TBI No:280

Mrs. J. Rajeshwari

M/s.Jai Foods

Product: Organic Lunch Box

TBI No:281

Mr. Karunakaran

M/s.Uzhavan Enterprises

Product: Cold Press Oil

TBI No:278


M/s. Eden Nursery Gardens

Product: Plant propagation nursery

TBI No:279


Product: Spirulina Farming

TBI No:276

Mr. AP. SasiKumar


Product: Farm equipment designing and manufacturing

TBI No:277

Mrs.Navin Kumar Gupta

Product: Moringa Cultivation

TBI No:274


M/s. Trichy Pasumai Groundnut Producer Company Limited

Product: Groundnut Nut cultivation

TBI No:275


Product: Weeder

TBI No:272

Mr. Bogala.AnilKumar

Product: Manual Seedling Machine, Mini Dall Mill- manu

TBI No:273

Mrs.Akhila Vijayaraghavan

Product: Aeroponics

TBI No:270


Product: Banana Fiber Products

TBI No:271


M/s. Cropmine Spatial Technologies LLP

Product: IoT in Agriculture

TBI No:268


M/s. Yadava Organics Pvt Ltd

Product: Organic Inputs

TBI No:269


Product: Aeroponics

TBI No:266


M/s.Aram Organic Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Product: Organic Farming ( Curry leaf, Coconut, Vegetables, Banana)

TBI No:267

Mr.S.Vickram Muthu Rathina Sabari

Product: Software Application for Water usage.

TBI No:264

Mr.Prabhu Sankar

M/s. IAC Krishi Tech Pvt Ltd

Product: Aeroponics

TBI No:265


Product: Food Processing

TBI No:262


Product: Hypaponics

TBI No:263


Product: Mushroom Cultivation

TBI No:260

Mr.K.Prabhakaran Nair

M/s. Bacto Power India Pvt Ltd

Product: Bacto Power-Bti (Biodegradable mosquito control product)

TBI No:261


M/s. KG College of Arts and Science

Services: Support on Student Entrepreneurship

TBI No:258

Mr. D.Thangarasu

M/s. Quality Traders

Product: Herbal Products

TBI No:259


M/s. Dr.N.G.P Institute of Technology

Services: Support on Student Entrepreneurship

TBI No:256


M/s. P.S.S Ganesan and Sons

Product: Medicinal Herbs Exporting

TBI No:257


Product: Storage and ware housing

TBI No:254

Mr. Pankaj B.Gathani

Product: Value addition in fruits and vegetables

TBI No:255


M/s. Algae Producers Association

Product: Spirulina Producers

TBI No:252

Mr.Y. Ponnusamy

M/s. Ecolive Exports

Product: Spirulina Producer

TBI No:253

Mr.Yuvaraj Muthu

M/s. Floreasy India Pvt Ltd

Product: Coirpeat manufacturing and exporting

TBI No:250


M/s. Ishwaryam Organics

Product: Bio inputs Producer (VAM)

TBI No:251

Mr.Mohammed Haneef

M/s. AK Seaweeds

Product: Bio inputs /Growth promoters from seaweed extracts

TBI No:248


Product: Food Processing and Value Addition

TBI No:249


Product: Value Addition in Coconut

TBI No:246


M/s. Glorifarm Botanicals Pvt Ltd

Product: Export Medicinal plant and its extracts

TBI No:247

Mrs. B.Sudar Kodi

Product: Food Processing and Value Addition

TBI No:244


M/s.Parry Agro Industries Limited

Product: Production and exporting of Tea

TBI No:245


M/s. Madurai Pandian Appalam

Product: Production and supply of Appalam

TBI No:242


M/s. Focusun Energy Systems

Product: Solar Products

TBI No:243

Mr.Antonio J.D.R. Fernandes

Product: Food Processing and Value Addition

TBI No:240


M/s.Mother Grains Food Product

Product: Food Processing and Value Addition

TBI No:241

Dr.Dhinagaran Thiruvengadam

M/s. Sampriya Energy and Communication Pvt Ltd

Product: Technology- Using sunlight for plant growth and reduce water usage.

TBI No:238


M/s. Ideal Poly Tecnalogies Pvt Ltd

Product: Food Waste Composter

TBI No:239


Product: Banana Fibre Extraction

TBI No:236

Mr.Benjamin Raja

M/s. Farmagain Agro Pvt Ltd

Product: Digit Farming & Agri Commerce

TBI No:237

Mr.Prabhu Thiyagarajan

Product: Fruit Processing

TBI No:234

Mr.P.Samuthaya Kani

Product: Mushroom Cultivation

TBI No:235

Mr.M.Abraham Richard

Product: Integrated farming

TBI No:232

Mr.Tetali Murali Krishna Reddy

M/s.VMMS Holdings Pvt Ltd

Product: Farm Venture

TBI No:233


Product: Yoghurt and Dairy Products

TBI No:230

Mr.Baskaran Kaneyasan

M/s. Agronica SDN BHD

Product: Polyhouse Farming

TBI No:231

Mrs. G.Paranjothi

M/s. Udaya Agro Farm

Product: Organic Farming

TBI No:228


M/s. Hindustan Insecticides Ltd

Product: Bio-Inputs

TBI No:229

Mr.E.Barath Rakesh

Product: Lemongrass Farming and Extraction

TBI No:226

Mrs. R.Vijayalakshmi

M/s. VRM Naturally Plus

Product: Value Added Food Products

TBI No:227


M/s. Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP)

Product: Organic Certification Agency

TBI No:224


M/s. Vijaya Bank

Product: Agribusiness Loans

TBI No:225

Mr.Dhanabal Muthusamy

M/s. Tall Tree Ventures

Product: Coconut Neera cold Chain & Value added products

TBI No:222

Dr.Gowthaman Ramasamy

M/s. Kultivate India Software Pvt Ltd

Product: Software for Agri enterprises

TBI No:223


M/s. Pudukkottai Coconut Farmers Producer Company Ltd

Coconut Value added products

TBI No:220


M/s. Nutriscience Research Laboratory Pvt Ltd

Product: Food and agriculture products testing service

TBI No:221

Mr.R.Ranjith Kumar

M/s. Brighture Intercontinental LLP

Herbal Bandaids

TBI No:218

Mr.Chunduri Veera Srinivas

M/s. Agastya Agro Limited

Agro Chemicals & Growth Promoters

TBI No:219


M/s.Staynature global food products pvt.ltd

Fresh & First Grade vegetables, Fruits and Groceries

TBI No:216

Mr.Kondaswamy Naidu

M/s. Nimula Organics

Compost Manure Production

TBI No:217


M/s. Ponmurugan Dhall Mills

Wheat and dhal value added products

TBI No:214

Mr.Nagganatha Suganthan

M/s. Utilis Biosciences Pvt Ltd

Rapid test kits for plant virus diagnosis

TBI No:215


M/s.Indian Bank

Agribusiness Loans

TBI No:212


M/s.KKV Agro Powers Limited

Value added services

TBI No:213


M/s.Practical Environmental Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Technology for processing Effluents

TBI No:210

Mr.J.Sekar James


Polymers for dry land farming, Magnetic conditioner for hard water soils

TBI No:211


Trading of agri products

TBI No:208


Food processing

TBI No:209


M/s.Ecozeal Energy Systems

Bio fuel from agri and food waste

TBI No:206

Mr.Kannan Iyyemperumal

Biostic with mobile colony ID APP

TBI No:207

Mr.M.Ajith Laxman

M/s. Sri Ayyappa Vegetable Merchant

Mushroom production

TBI No:204


Biogas and compost from slurry

TBI No:205


M/s.SPEC Technical


TBI No:202

Ms.Tharini Vijayakumar



TBI No:203


Product: Organic greens production and marketing

New Venture

TBI No:200

Ms.Geetashori Yumnam

M/s.Green Biotech Ecosolutions Pvt.Ltd.

Product: Bio fertilizer

TBI No:201


M/s.Sree Amman Agro Industries (P) Ltd

Product: Bio fertilizer

TBI No:198


Product: Herbal-Nematode control formulation

New Venture

TBI No:199


M/s. Sri Krishna college of Engineering and Technology

Product: Support on Student Entrepreneurship

TBI No:196


Product: Millet Value added food products

New Venture

TBI No:197

Mr.S.Senthil Kumar

M/s. Biogen fertilizers India Pvt Ltd

Product: Bio Fertilizers Production

TBI No:194


M/s.York bioscience Pvt Ltd

Product: Bio-Enzyme Based Products

TBI No:195


Product: Organic Grape cultivation

New Venture

TBI No:192


Product: Cardamom Dryer

New Venture

TBI No:193

Mr.V.S.Gour Mohan Dass

M/s. Hare Krsna Organic Agri Farm

Product: Organic Coconut Value addition

TBI No:190

Ms.Sentila Rajan

Product: Technology for Controlling dental pathogens

New Venture

TBI No:191

Mr. T.Senthil kumar

M/s.Samyak Motors Pvt Ltd

Product: Soil Tiller

TBI No:188


M/s. A.R.R.Consumer Products

Product: Value added Products

TBI No:189


M/s.Sathyam Kissan Care

Product: Kissan Care

TBI No:186


M/s.Kantha vilas

Product: Coconut Milk, Natural health drink

TBI No:187

Mr.M.Shahul Hameed

M/s.Sunland Solar and Agri Projects Pvt ltd

Product: Vegetables, Fruits,Agro Forestry, Medicinal Plants

TBI No:184

Mr.Abhijit Banerji

M/s.Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation& Health(Finish)Society

Product:Bio Composting

TBI No:185


Product: Organic farming

New Venture

TBI No:182


M/s.Emrald Bio Fertilizers Private Limited

Product: Bio Fertilizers, Bio Controller& Bio Pesticide

TBI No:183


Product: Organic farming

New Venture

TBI No:180


Product: Organic farming

New Venture

TBI No:181

Mrs. A.Tamil Selvi

Product: Millets Processing

New Venture

TBI No:178


Product: Organic farming

New Venture

TBI No:179


M/s. Shree sai sys

Product: Solar systems

TBI No:176

Mr. R. Siddarth

Product: Hydroponics, Aeroponics

New Venture

TBI No:177

Mr.Ranjeev G kaimal

M/s. PayAgri Innovations pvt ltd

Product: Online portal and Mobile App

TBI No:174


M/s.Vardhani Corporation

Product: Mushroom production and other ventures

TBI No:175


M/s. CMECO-Herbal Plantations

Product: Vettiver Value added Products

TBI No:172


M/s. TerraGreen Agritech Ventures pvt ltd

Product: Farm Venture

TBI No:173


M/s. INGS Bio Green

Product: Bio Fuel

TBI No:170


M/s. Prasmo Agri

Product: Algae Value added bio inputs

TBI No:171


M/s. Coromandel International Ltd

Product: Agri Inputs manufacturing

TBI No:168


M/s. Annavarshni Foods LLP

Product: Mushroom products

TBI No:169


M/s. Alagar Industries

Product: Enriched Organic Manure

TBI No:166

Ms. S.Brindha Devi

M/s. Unicorn Agro Foods

Product: Food Venture

TBI No:167

Mr.S.K.Senthil Kumar

M/s. Healthylife Foods

Product: Mushroom cultivation

TBI No:164


M/s. Punjab National Bank

Product: Agribusiness Loans

TBI No:165

Mrs.C.Kousalya Devi

Product: Cold Press Groundnut Sesame Oils

New Venture

TBI No:162

Mr.Reji Joseph

M/s. R.J. Organic India (P) Ltd

Product: Bio-Inputs

TBI No:163


Product: Coconut products

New Venture

TBI No:160


M/s. Vriksha Agro Ventures

Product: Seed Coating Formula

TBI No:161

Mr.Dheeraj Malik

M/s. SKYSIS Foods and Beverage Pvt Ltd

Product: Processed Sugarcane Juice in PET bottles and Tetra Packs

TBI No:158

Mr. P.M. Murugesan

Product: Banana fiber based products

Innovative Venture

TBI No:159


M/s. Dhivya Foods and Spices

Product: Food Processing

TBI No:156


M/s. Gajalaxmi Exports

Product: Export of fruits, vegetables and flowers

TBI No:157


M/s. Pollachi coconut Producer Company Ltd

Product: Coconut Farming, Coco pith, Coco fibre

TBI No:154


Product: Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom Production

TBI No:155

Mr.Sajiv Menon

M/s. Nitta Gelatin India Limited

Product: TNAU-Nutrigold Technology

TBI No:152


M/s. Swaasam Global Former Producer Company Ltd

Product: Farmer Producer Company

TBI No:153

Mrs. Divya Muthu Kumaran

Product:Banana fibre extractor

New Venture

TBI No:150

Mr.N.Arul Jothi

Product:Mushroom spawn production

New Venture

TBI No:151

Mr.Vigram Kannan

Product: Mushroom production

Mushroom Production

TBI No:148


Product: Mushroom production

Mushroom production

TBI No:149

Mr.KVM Rajkumar

Product: Online platform for optimization

New Venture

TBI No:146

Mrs. S. Sheela

Product: Cattle Raising

Farm Venture

TBI No:147

Mrs. G. Uma Maheswari

M/s. Sukesh Fibres & Coir Products

Product: Coir Products

TBI No:144

Mr. J. Devaraj

M/s. Target Eurotech Industries

Product: Food Processing Machinery

TBI No:145

Ms. P.N.Nandini


Product: Tender coconut water exporter

TBI No:142


Product: Mushroom cultivation and bee keeping

New Venture

TBI No:143


M/s. Palm Natural Food Services LLP

Product: Palm Sugar Manufacturer

TBI No:140

Mr.George Eapen

Product: Flexible Solar & Electric fence manufacturers

Innovative Venture

TBI No:141

Mrs. Usha Mahalingam

M/s. Agriya Agro Tech

Product: Manufacturer of Bio-fertilizers and bio control agents

TBI No:138

Mr. M.P.Vasimalai

M/s. Development of Humane Action Foundation

Product: Processing of minor millets

TBI No:139

Mr. G.Kanappan

Product: Hi-Tech farming and Aeroponics

New Venture

TBI No:136


M/s. Maga Mushrooms

Product: Mushroom spawn and cultivation

TBI No:137

Mr. K. Sakthivel

M/s. Himalayan Vets

Product: Moringa Value added products

TBI No:134

Mr. P. Prabhakaran

Product: Silviculture

New Venture

TBI No:135

Ms. P. Preetha

M/s. Ponvel Food Products

Product: Organic Rice and oil production

TBI No:132

Mr. D. Suresh Kumar

Product: Extraction of compounds from spices

New Venture

TBI No:133

Mr. B. Chaithanyan

Mushroom Production

Product: Oyster Mushroom Production

TBI No:130

Mr. S. Rajendran

Mushroom Production

Product: Mushroom Production

TBI No:131

Mrs.P. Manasa Satheesh

M/s. Genewin Biotech

Product: Tissue Culture

TBI No:128

J. Suganthi

Mushroom Production

Product: Oyster and milky Mushroom Production

TBI No:129

Mr. K.Sivasamy

Product: Vermicompost Production

New Venture

TBI No:126

Mr. Senthilkumar

Product: Mushroom Production

New Venture

TBI No:127

Mr. P.Anguswamy

M/s. Anshuveda Research & Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Product: Monitoring food quality thro' Spectroscopy based analysis

TBI No:124

Mr. Muruganandhu

M/s. Britt Envirotech

Product: Biogas & Waste water treatment plant

TBI No:125

Mr. M. Chandru

Product: Processing of cereals and pulses

New Venture

TBI No:122

Dr. R.M.Mahendran

M/s. Expovan

Product: Import and export of natural Vanilla

TBI No:123

Mr. Prabakaran

M/s. Danvanthiri Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

Product: IT enabled healthcare products aggregation

TBI No:120

Mr. Lipin Dev

M/s. VT Eco Green Agro products

Product: production of white pepper from black pepper

TBI No:121

Mr. M.Narayanasamy

Product: Preparation of Bankable Projects for incubatees

Agri Consultancy

TBI No:118

Mr. Yuvaraj Deivasigamani

M/s. Nilgiri Farm Produce

Product: Button mushroom production

TBI No:119

Mrs. T. Sasipriya

M/s. Choco Garden

Product: Manufacturer of homemade chocolates, pastries, confectioneries, juices, sweets & savouries

TBI No:116

Mr. V. Palanisamy

Product: Plant extracts for wild boars

Innovative Venture

TBI No:117


M/s. Eternal Energy (P) Ltd

Product: Renewable energy venture

TBI No:114

Mr. Yasuhide Ito

M/s. YATS Corporation Co. Ltd.

Product: Shiitake mushroom production

TBI No:115

Mr.P. Abishek Abraham

M/s. Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd.

Product: Food Processing & trading

TBI No:112

Mr.P. Abishek Abraham

M/s. Scientific Food Testing Services (P) Ltd.

Product: Food testing laboratory

TBI No:113


M/s. Winner Agri Herbal products

Product: Herbal products, Planth growth stimulators

TBI No:110


M/s. Sharadha Terry Products Limited

Product: Manufacturer and exporter of Terry towels

TBI No:111


M/s. Sanlak Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Processing and Packaging of grains (Minor millet products)

TBI No:108

Mr.Ignesious Jeyakumar

M/s. JK Biofarm

Product: Jamun Juice, Amla Juice and Candies

TBI No:109

Mr.Thomas Chackunkal

M/s. Contec Glogal Agro Ltd.

Product: Bio-fertilizers, Bio pesticides and Tissue Culture

TBI No:106

Mr.Mohammed Adullah

M/s. Eden The Food Park

Product: Value added Organic Noni products

TBI No:107

Dr. Shabbir

M/s. Reliable Corporation

Product: Manufacturers of polymers and agro chemicals

TBI No:104


Product: Mushroom cultivation

New Venture

TBI No:105

Ms. Ritu Agarwal

M/s. Nandgoan Agri Research & Development Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Food processing and value addition

TBI No:102


Product: Agrl. Sensors & Mobile based Agri automation

Agri Venture

TBI No:103

Mrs. S. Balapriyanka

M/s. SB Agrinovations

Product: Probiotic cattle feed

TBI No:100

Mr. Navaneethan Muthuswamy

M/s. Renjord AS

Product: Coir Products

TBI No:101

Mr. V. Elumalai

M/s. Sri Balajyi Oil Mills

Product: Production of gingelly oil & oil cake

TBI No:098

Mr. Sriram Gopalakrishnan

M/s. Future Farms

Product: Hydroponics and aquaponics

TBI No:099

Mr. Felix

M/s. Prix Agrotech

Product: Seed and grain processing equipments

TBI No:096

Mr. S. Devaraj

M/s. Syndicate Bank, RO, Coimbatore

Product: Financial assistance to incubatees

TBI No:097

Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair

M/s. Truman Enterprises

Product: Machinery manufacturers

TBI No:094

Mr. A.Sivasalapathy

Product: Machinery for coir washing and compaction unit

Agri Venture

TBI No:095

Mr. V.Jayakumar

Product: Agri Venture

New Venture

TBI No:092

Mrs. Rajalakshmi

M/s. Green India Products

Product: Coir Handicrafts

TBI No:093

Mr. Kannan

M/s. Ozone Harvest Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Organic Vegetable cultivation

TBI No:090

Ms. Josephine

Honey Bee value added products

Product: Value added products from Honey

TBI No:091

Mr. Shankar M.Duraiswami

M/s. Natural Resource Generation

Product: Bio-fertilizer enriched organic manure

TBI No:088

Ms. Vimala Prakash

M/s. International Panaacea Ltd.

Product: Bio-fertilizer & organic manure

TBI No:089

Mr. Abdul Kadhar

M/s. SAFS Organic Enterprises

Product: Solar insect Traps

TBI No:086

Mr. Sivaram Kumar

Product: Trading of Agri Products

New Venture

TBI No:087

Mr. S. Durairaju

M/s. Subhashri Bio Energies (P) Ltd.

Product: Biogas & Electricity generation from poultry waste and organic manure production

New Venture

TBI No:084

Mr. Karthik Thirunarayanan

Product: Mobile application development

Mobile app development

TBI No:085

Mrs. P.T. Paremalam

Product: Banana Fibre products

Innovative Venture

TBI No:082

Mr. L. Mohan

Product: Aloe vera processing

Processing Venture

TBI No:083

Mrs. S. Pavithra

M/s. Sri Yoganarasimha International

Product: Snowball tender coconut technology & nanotextiles

TBI No:080

Mr. T. Sreenivasan

M/s. SRK Food Products

Product: Ready to use minor millet products

TBI No:081

Mr. R. Sathyamoorthy

Product: Post harvest handling and warehouse management

TBI No:078

Mr. S.K. Gowthaman

M/s. Wales Exports

Product: Coir and coir based products

TBI No:079

Dr. Theena Chandran

M/s. Devi Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Biofertilizers & Bio-pesticides

TBI No:076

Mr. S. Sharan Kumar

Product: Supercritical fluid extraction

Innovative Venture

TBI No:077

Mr.K.Radha Krishnan

M/s. Indus Naturale

Product: Natural Colorants from vegetables & flowers

TBI No:074

Dr. Arvind S. Bharadwaj

M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Product: Farm implements

TBI No:075

Mr. S.R.Myilsamy

Product: Mushroom farming & Biomass briquetting

New Venture

TBI No:072

Mr. S.Prasath

Product: Banana Fibre products

Innovative Venture

TBI No:073

Mr. A. Kandavel

Product: Milky Mushroom production

New Venture

TBI No:070

Mr. A. Senthil Kumar

Product: Milky Mushroom spawn Production

New Venture

TBI No:071

Mr. Bobby Issac

M/s. Lacon Services

Product: Organic Certification and third party sampling services

TBI No:068

Dr. Naveen Balaji

M/s. Dr. Naveenbalaji Natural Pvt Ltd.

Product: Health Supplements processing & marketing

TBI No:069

Mr. Venkatesh

M/s. Excess Renew Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Product: TNAU Solar tunnel Dryer and Gasifier - Technology commmercialization

TBI No:066

Mr. Manoj Kumar Dugar

Product: High Tech Agriculture

Farm Venture

TBI No:067

Mr. B Arumugam