270 Incubatees enrolled

Funding from Nationalized Banks

Partnered with 4 nationalized banks for providing financial assistance.

13 TNAU Technologies Commercialized

110 Agri Technologies available for Commercialization


Guidance on Patent Drafting and Filing


Grant for 15 Incubatee Ideas supported


We provide the best service


  • Enrolled 264 incubatee members for business incubation and 7 agribusiness consultants and membership cards have been issued to all incubatee members.
  • 20,000 sq.ft.of incubation space available as contribute by the host institution.
  • MSME grants have been obtained for 15 of our incubatee members to the tune of Rs.93.75 lakhs.
  • Establishment of full-fledged Food Packaging Laboratory incubatees can use the equipments on an hourly rental basis.
  • NABL laboratory for testing food samples and NABL laboratory for testing pesticidal residues in food are functioning in TNAU. A special concession fee of 33% for testing the incubatees? product samples in the above mentioned labs is available.
  • Collaborating with Nationalized banks like Syndicate Bank, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank for providing financial assistance to our incubatees. So far 9.0crores have been sanctioned
  • National Horticultural Mission has granted 50% subsidy for Aeroponics to our incubatee to the tune of Rs. 55 lakhs and two of our incubatees have been granted subsidy for Rs. 11.5 Lakhs for milky mushroom spawn and mushroom production units.
  • Established a Exhibition hall for showcasing incubatee products at DABD, TNAU, Coimbatore.

TBI: TNAU Technologies available for Commercialization

Technology Business Incubator